The difference between the solvent&ordinary& ink and UV ink

A. Difference between ordinary ink and UV ink:

In short, the biggest difference between the two inks is in the way of drying and printing. After printing, ordinary ink will spray a layer of powder on the paper, so that there is a diaphragm in the middle when the paper overlaps with the paper, so as to prevent the ink from sticking and make the ink dry faster. It takes a certain amount of time for ordinary ink to dry after printing. If not sprayed with this layer of powder, the ink on the paper will easily stick together, resulting in the destruction of the entire print.

B. Differences in printing range:

If it is printed and dusted by normal procedures, it will take about one day to completely dry. Of course, some paper will have a shorter drying time. Ordinary ink can only be printed on paper, not on plastic or other materials. On the contrary, UV ink has many printing materials, so the price of UV ink is higher.

C. Different characteristics

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