The Advantage Of Hot Stamping Machine with Conveyer

The Advantage Of Hot Stamping Machine with Conveyer

Gilt stamping machine slower, automatic stamping machine prices and more expensive, many customers tend to choose the type of plane Hot Stamping Machine with conveyer working table.

This type hot stamping machine is a machine learning Pad made ??of the principles and design, is the color pad printer with 10-station conveyer hot stamping machine installed in the plane above, saving preparation time, greatly improving productivity.
Rotary hot stamping machines and printing machines in the process of stamping the same, you need to install 10 sets of jigs, fixtures installed in order to enter the above products stamping station, after completion of stamping operation workers will remove it.
According to our projections, the efficiency of rotary hot stamping machine stamping machine can reach 2.5 times the plane.
Rotary table as the distance between the station limits, more suitable for rotary hot stamping machine stamping about in size 75 * 125mm small products, paper, etc. are not suitable for thin products.
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