Some questions about heat transfer process

Some questions about heat transfer process
Can I use my ink jet printer to transfer onto mugs and tiles? 
Not using any standard ink jet heat transfer papers. You would have to set up a separate printer with special sublimation inks and paper,then use special coated tiles and mugs. 
What makes the best transfer? Color Laser or Ink Jet? 
The newest ink jet transfers actually wash better than the existing laser papers. Although the printers are inexpensive, the cost to make a transfer, however, is much greater for ink jet, both for the paper as well as inks. Additionally, the ink jets are considerably slower than lasers. If you are going to be making a more than part time effort at decorating items for resale, we recommend laser. They give you the ability to print on almost anything, including ceramics 
My papers are peeling off after washing. What am I doing wrong 
Most likely it is that you are not using enough pressure. If you are using a hand iron, be sure to place the garment on a table at waist height, so you can put two hands on the iron and put some body weight behind it to put heavy pressure on the garment.
If you are using a heat press, set it for heavy pressure, so that it takes good effort to close the press. Also, make sure your press is actually at the temperature that the thermometer say it is. 
What is the best ink jet printer to use for transfers?
Our experience is that the Epson line provides excellent image quality and better wash ability,printers vary from the type as well as from what country the ink was made in, causing quite a variation in wash results. 
Can heat transfers be used for something other than T shirts and mouse pads? 
Yes. You can transfer onto wood, plastic, vinyl, magnetic material, and even some painted metals! 

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