How To Choose A Heat Press Machine

How To Choose A Heat Press Machine
1.The most important thing to look for in a heat press is its ability to provide consistently even temperatures across the platen. One of the most frequent causes of misapplied transfers is cold spots in the platen. Cold spots occur when there is not enough heating element used in the manufacturing of the platen, or if there is a short or disconnect in the heating element within the platen.
2.In addition to providing even heat, a heat press must be designed to accurately control the temperature. When you apply transfers, proper application temperature is essential to the success of the finished garment. If you apply a transfer with too little heat, the adhesives needed to hold the graphic to the garment may not be activated. If you apply a transfer with too much heat, the adhesives may be pushed out beyond the edges of the image and cause an undesired outline or smearing. Excessive heat can also cause “strike-through”, which reduces the opacity of a graphic.
3.The key to even pressure is the way the upper platen is engineered. A centralized pressure adjustment, coupled with a flotational heat platen ensures a “no-pinch” application result regardless of the thickness of the application substrate. One way to test for even pressure on a press is to put four squares of paper, one in each corner, and close the press. Try to pull out the papers. If one paper comes out easier than the others, it is possible that your platen is warped and not providing even pressure across the platen.

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