Two Sided Heating Plates Heat Press Machine

Two Sided Heating Plates Heat Press Machine

A two-sided heat press, not only has a heating platen on the top, but also on the bottom. This way, both sides of a product can be heated simultaneously. But it also has another advantage: You can use either the top or bottom platen for different products.
What is it good for? It is used to make two sided products such as luggage tags, key tags and the like but that isn’t the biggest advantage in my opinion. The biggest advantage is that you can select only one platen to heat and while that might usually be the top one, there are times when it would be really neat to use the lower one. For example: Let’s say you are making a bunch of name badges. If you have a top heating press, you will need to attach all the badges to the transfer paper using heat tape, then flip the transfer paper over so the face of the badge faces up for a one-minute press time. Will one or more of the badges probably move when you flip them over? If your luck is like mine, it will.
With a dual platen press, you don’t have to do all that. Just select the bottom platen and lay out your badges as usual but don’t flip them over, just lay them on the heat press and close ‘er up. One minute and the badges are done.

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