How to Choose Correct Silk Screen Mesh and Polymer Mesh

How to Choose Correct Silk Screen Mesh and Polymer Mesh

en mesh choose: 
It is related below 3 different Factor
1. Using which types of printing ink: 
  General,water based ink suitable for low density silk screen mesh(125-180mesh/inch).1 Inch=1000 mil=2.54 cm=25.4 mm
  Solvent ink printing advertising,electric will be use middle density silk screen mesh(196-420mesh/inch)
  UV ink will be choose high density silk screen mesh(355-457mesh/inch)
  General ink’s Pigment particles is very smaller,printing ink permeability will be good.Like this type ink,high density silk screen mesh aslo can permeability ok.But if printing ink with high pigment thickness,even its particles is small,but Permeability is worse.
2.  Printing products materials/surface
  If printing products with rough surface and Absorbent,it will be need more printing ink to get best printing ink cover rate,will be choose lower density silk screen mesh
  Printing products surface very smooth,it needs printing ink will be less,then should be choose high density silk screen mesh.
3.  Silk screen mesh will be match with original photoshop or Adobe illustrator file image
Choosing silk screen mesh will be enough to cover image.scilicet the smallest image area has enough silk screen mesh brace.One silk screen meesh printed the smallest line width should be equal mesh hole and mesh diameter plus silk screen weaving 7% expansion. 
For example:silk screen mesh: 180 mesh/inch, mesh hole: 23μm,silk 30μm,after printed smallest line width= 23+30+(23+30)*7%≈57μm. It means this silk screen mesh only can printed image line is 57μm. Only one formula the silk screen mesh can be complete printed small line width=√2*(1+ mesh*hole size)÷mesh)。
B: Choosing silk size: 
   It is related 2 different factor: Silk screen mesh Tensile Strength and photosop/Adobe illustrator file image size.
When silk screen mesh the same,silk bigger,its tensile strength,wearable and Corrosion resistance will be stronger,thickness also will be bigger but hole will be smaller.
When Photoshop/Adobe illustrator image size 2 twice of silk,AM/FM maybe on the silk,high light FM/AM will be loss
When FM/AM 3 twice of silk,any parts FM/AM will be get enough support,FM/AM will be get enough hole area.
C. Attention questions of choosing silk screen mesh
Weaving Uniform or not    
Silk mesh size uniform or not
Silk screen mesh cost

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