SMT Manual High Precision Screen Printing Machine

  • Model Number: SH-SMT3040
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  • Product Description:SMT Manual High Precision Screen Printing Machine

Product name:SMT Manual High Precision Screen Printing Machine

Model Number: SH-SMT3040

SMT Manual High Precision Screen Printing Machine
SH-SMT3040 is a manual screen printing machine with high precision to achieve printing on PCB boards with success.
Main Features:
1.Adjusting stencil frame.
2.Template holder.
3.Board support screw.
4.Holder locking hand-wheel

Technical standards:
1.Printing size:Max.300*400mm
2.Applied Area: silk screen and steel-mesh
3.Net Weight: 12.5Kg
4.Gross Weight:20KG
4.Machine Size:700mm*600mm*350mm
5.Packing Size:76*56*25cm

1.Adjust button at vcrtical 
Adjust button at vcrtical:adjust the total stcncil frame vertical height 
2.Template holder 
Template holder:holder thc steneil frame
3.Working station(seat)
Working station(seat):work place
4.Lock block at crosswise 
lock block at crosswis: to fix the board by length
5.Board fixing supporter 
Board fixing supporter:to fix the board by width
6.Board support screw
Board support screw:the screw can be moved and fin the supporter in the board
7.Support screw fixing hole 
support screw fixing hole:many holes is easy to fix the board in any place.
8.Board holder 
Board holder. the fix the board on thc both sides of thc board
9.Holdcr Locking hand-wheel 
Holder Locking hand-wheel:adjust the board holder in the machine
10.Template locking screw
Template locking screw:ajust that according to the height of the stencil frame
11.Adjust button at lengthwise 
Adiust button at lengthwise:adjust the stencil frame in length direction
12.Adjust button at level 
Adjust button at level:adjust the stencil frame in width direction
13.Locking hand-wheel at lengthwise 
Locking hand-wheel at lengthwise: fix the vertical direction
14.Locking hand-wheel at crosswise
Locking hand-wheel at crosswise:fix the lcvel direction

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