4 Color 2 Station Rotary Screen Printer

  • 4 Color 2 Station Rotary Screen Printer
  • 4 Color 2 Station Rotary Screen Printer
  • Model Number: NRSP204
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  • Product Description:4 Color 2 Station Rotary Screen Printer

Product name:4 Color 2 Station Rotary Screen Printer

Model Number: NRSP204

4 Color 2 Station Rotary Screen Printer can install four screen plates,it can rotate independently after installation, which is available for four color overprint and design proof of screen printing business.
This machine is the extension of overprint flat screen Printer,and can be applied to various substrates need overprinting, especially T-shirt. This machine has special T-shirt pallet, which is more convenient and accurate for location when printing.
Even,the machine can be applied for screen printing on clothing,woven, metal,paper,copybook, plastic, wood, glass, ceramic tile, leather and various plane products, especially suitable for small businesses and individual printing shop.
1. Product code: 006235
2. Platen size: 45*55cm (18*22inch)
3. Machine size: 185*91*37cm/72*35*14inch
4. Net weight: 35KG/78bI
5. Packing size: 86*50*25cm/34*17*10inch
6. Gross weight: 42KG/96bI
Main features:
1. Rational construction, simple, more practical.
2. Adopt combination design, save place, more convenient for transportation.
3. The machine has all-metal construction,advanced electrostatic spraying and electroplating,durable,ea sy to clear and no rust.
4. All equipments are perfectly packaged, all metal parts are separate packaged, which guarantees products safety during transportation, especially suitable for exportation.  
5. We supply installation video, instructions and full set of tools for installation and daily maintenance.
1. Screen printing platens can be rotary independently, easy operation, higher efficiency.
2. Super support device make the machine stable and balance.
3. The device of adjusting double spring tension make the machine available for screen frames of different weight.

4. Screen plate clamp can be moved up and down, which can be for all kinds of substrates within 3cm high.

4 Color 2 Station Rotary Screen Printer

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