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Engraved Copper Plate

  • Model Number: Engraved Copper Plate
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  • Product Description:Engraved Copper Plate

Product name:Engraved Copper Plate

Model Number: Engraved Copper Plate

Engraved Copper Plate
Bronzing effects will rapidly improve the paper decoration;
Widely used in the field of Paper package, Gift making.
Suitable for:
Invitation letter, Smoking package , Wine package, Food Package, Gift and health protection, greeting card, Metal plate inlcuding Copper plate, zincograph plate, magnesium plate. Only Copper plate can be engraved with engraving machine.
Minimal sculpture can be carved 7 copperplate font, Chinese 2MM about 1mm letters about the fine line 0.1mm, and the line between the thin 0.1mm.
Gilding Logo and Drawing onto Products. suitable for Rigid objects such as: Metal, Glass, Wooden, Plastics and some paper and film.
Technical Parameter:Thickness of Copperplate: 6.5mm。
Production Advantage:
High Precision Copperplate engraved;
Sharp Edge of words and drawing ensure precision Gilding quality;
Diffrent depth of copperplate get diffrent effects;
High Grade CU-ZN alloy ensure usage life.
Use Method︰
1. Coating High temperature Glue or adhere high temperature tape on the copperplate;

2. Operating the stamping machine make the stamping head press down with copperplate. The sopperplate will be adhered on the stamping plate.

Engraved Copper Plate

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