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Flat Screen Press For Large Printing Size

  • Flat Screen Press For Large Printing Size
  • Flat Screen Press For Large Printing Size
  • Flat Screen Press For Large Printing Size
  • Flat Screen Press For Large Printing Size
  • Model Number: RSP-6252
  • Category: Screen Printing Press
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  • Product Description:Flat Screen Press For Large Printing Size
Flat Screen Press For Large Printing Size
Based on the need of the consumers and market, our company R&D the simplyeasy screen presses with delicate and unique design, easy detachability and installation, simple operation, low cost but also having the similar working principles and functions as other screen printing equipments , which is the best choices for new hand to start a screen printing business.
RSP-6252 micro-adjustable screen press with large printing platen is one of our newest model. It has kept functions of traditional one, such as adjusting platen right and left, back and forth; adjusting height of screen chucks for suiting different substrates, etc. In addition, it has several special features.
Platen sizes: 24"x20"x0.7|" (620x520x18mm)
Length of screen clamps is 14.5" (370mm).
Adjustable range of up-and-down screw bar is 4.3" (110mm).
Net Weight: 40Lb (18kg)
Shipping Weight: 46Lb (21kg)
Machine sizes: 30"x22"x10" (76x56x26cm)

Package sizes: 32"x24"x6" (83x62x14cm)

Main Features 
Specially designed sliding-adjustable disc gravity device. 
Adjust the position of disc gravity rising and down will facilitates screens with different sizes and weights.
Specially designed gravity hole device for extra heavy screen frames.
The gravity hanging-hole device is specially designed for extra heavy screens, which is much easier and more convenient. 

The equipped platens are much bigger than the normal ones , which is especially suitable for signboard and spa signage printing.
The equipped platens are environmental and made of high density melamine materials, which is anti-distortion, water proofing, corrosion resistance and easy to clear.

The platens are separately installed on the equipments, so if you need much larger printing area, only remove several bolts for change another bigger platen.Advanced electrostatic spraying and electroplating, durable, easy clear and no rust. 

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