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Vacuum Table Manual Screen Printer


Product name:Vacuum Table Manual Screen Printer

Model Number: S-600M

Vacuum Table Manual Screen Printer 

Printing Substrate:The machine panel, plastic parts, Paper, furniture industry, glass 
industry, circuit board industry, film, wooden case 

Price Terms: FOB GuangZhou
Payment Terms: TT 
Lead Time︰ Within 3 days. 
Standards Certificate︰ CE 
Voltage︰ 220V/50HZ 1 Phase 
Colour︰ Green 

Technical parameters︰
1. Worktable area:500×650mm 
2. Max printing area:450×600mm 
3. Net weight:67kg. 
4. Dimension:500×800×800mm。 
5. Printing colour number: 1. 
6. Opearting: manus 
7. Max frame size: 700×900mm. 
8. Movement characters: Manual 
9. Working table type: Vacuum -type working table 
10.Packing Size:1000*640*1050mm 
11.Volume Weight:135KG

1. Worktable area:600×800mm 
2. Printing area:550×750mm 
3. Net weight:70.5kg. 
4. Dimension:700×950×800mm。 
5. Printing colour number: 1. 
6. Operating Method : manual 
7. Max Frame size: 800×1050mm. 
8. Movement characters: Manual 
9. Working table type: Vacuum -type working table  
10.Packing Size:1100*740*1150mm 
11.Volume Weight:187KG

1 Manus operating . 
2. With vaccum worktable. 
3. High precesion screen printing. 
4. No need energy. 

Features and Application︰ 
Inspiratory function of flat screen printing machine is suitable for easy printing process 
go a bit thin products, such as: paper, PVC film, plastic film, textiles and other printing.
With manual operation, which will help the product to remove and place;
Bench grinding stainless steel countertops, suction uniform;
Widely used in paper packaging and mirror printing, glass printing, machine panel, sticker 
printing, combined with a variety of processes, you can achieve a UV matte, UV Glitter, UV 
partial varnish and coating processes. Also widely used in water transfer paper, heat 
transfer paper printing. 

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