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Tabletop Screen Printing Machine with Carousel and Conveyor

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Tabletop Screen Printing Machine with Carousel and Conveyor
Model: MSP-150
1.Max printing area: 110*150mm; 
2.Worktable size: 120*120mm; 
3.Transverse stroke: 400mm; 
4.Vertical stroke: 100mm; 
5.Rotray table diameter: 400mm; 
6.Max height of product: 50mm; 
7.Rotary table workstations: 2pcs/4pcs; 
8.Packing Size:86*87*121CM
9.Gross Weight:120KG
10.Volume weight:180KG
Mini high speed rotary screen printer, using cam divider high speed rotary table, improving production. The speed
is 2000pcs/hr. Printing, feeding and baiting at the same time with high speed and very stable function. It's a
desktop style, easy to operate, suitable for printing the surface of mobile shell, lighter, plastic shell, metal
shell etc flat products printing.
Technical parameter:
1. IC with touch panel program action programming;
2. Aluminum casting body with metal coating;
3. Auto 4-digit counter, calculate printing quantity;
4. Double pillar up/dowm struture, making sure precision and stable;
5. Transverse stroke can be adjusted, using Taiwan sensor to limit;
6. Squeegee, flood bar can set as any angle;
7. Squeegee constant pressure, keeping printing pressure stable;
8. T-slot worktable, convenient to install jig;
9. Installing CEC buffer, making sure printing stable;
10. Action mode: auto | semi-auto | manual;
11. Start up: panel | pedal;
12. Squeegee pressure control: pressure regulating valve;
13. Vertical driven: pneumatic;
14. Transverse driven: electronic;
15. Max printing area: 110*150mm;
16. Worktable size: 120*120mm;
17. Transverse stroke: 400mm;
18. Vertical stroke: 100mm;
19. Rotray table diameter: 400mm;
20. Max height of product: 50mm;
21. Rotary table workstations: 2pcs | 4pcs;

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