Servo Automatic Pencil Hot Stamping

  • Servo Automatic Pencil Hot Stamping
  • Servo Automatic Pencil Hot Stamping
  • Servo Automatic Pencil Hot Stamping
  • Servo Automatic Pencil Hot Stamping
  • Model Number: PR-100
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  • Category: Hot Stamping Machine
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  • Product Description:Automatic Pencil Hot Stamping Machine, eye brow pencil hot stamping machine, automatic pencil embossing hot stamping machine, cosmetic tubes automatic hot stamping machine
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Product name:Servo Automatic Pencil Hot Stamping

Model Number: PR-100

This pencil hot stamping machine left and right is driven by servo motor control for assuring the perfect hot stamping artwork precision by moving from left and right. It is perfect for those cosmetic tubes and pencil hot stamping and embossing.

1. Machine total power rate: 2.6KW, Servo motor Wattage: 750W;
2. Stamping temperature Rnange:20∼300℃;
3. Compress air Pressure﹕5-8Bbar;
4. Products size:﹕Diameter(φ5~Φ25mm)×Length(60~150mm
5. Max stamping Speed:2000-3600pcs/hr
6. Outer dimension: 1643×500×1208mm;
7. Net weight : 480KG ;Gorss Weight :550KG
9. Packing Size:1750*800*1500MM (Polywood Case)

1. servo motor control stamping head from left and right for assuring the perfect printing quality; Vertical Pression design and stabilization Pression;
2. Capable of adjusting the stamping pressure, the temperature and the speed;
3. Automatically counter available;
4. Automatic back-and-front worktable ensures safe and quick operation;
5. Worktable capable of slight adjustment of back-and-front, left-and-right and rotation;
6. Automatic foil feeding and rolling with adjustable function;
7. High precision sensor available for foils feeding, ensures good registration;
8. Safe protection device installed.

Machine Fittings
1. Silicon die make as per customer’s samples 1 pc
2. High temperature glue type: 1 inch;
3. Stamping foil 1 roller;
4. Tool box 1 case;

5. English manual instruction 1 copy

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