Ptfe Tape Case Automatic Pad Printing Machine

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Product name:Ptfe Tape Case Automatic Pad Printing Machine

Model Number: AP-PTC

Ptfe Tape Case automatic Pad Printing Machine
Ptfe Tape Case Automatic pad printing machine
Technical Parameter
Model  No.     :AP-PFC
Automatic Grade:Full-automatic
Start Mode     :Panel /pedal/switch
Steel plate size:100*510MM
Sealed cup size :82*90*12
Printing Speed :4000PCS/hour
Air Pressure :6Bar
Power Requirement:220V/1500w/50Hz
Machine size     :2300*1500*1500mm
Machine Weight: 235KG
Printing Color: One color
Warranty      : One years
Usage:        : Ptfe Tape, Thread seal tape
1:Used for plastic, toys, electrical appliances, gifts, daily necessities industries. Especially for small flat surface and convex concave surface substrates.
2:Suitable for small artifacts, small area, and speed, if the printing area, should pay attention to the printing surface do not have bubbles, which affects the printing effect
1:Customer order, automatic loading system,operating sensitivity
2:Ink cup Pad Printing Machine, using the motor drive belt, smooth speed, small vibration machine
3:PLC control each function action, man-machine interface, the operation is simple and convenient 4:Used Sealed Cup. ink concentration is stable, 6 ~ 8 hours need not to add solvent, ink volatile, splash, saving ink above 50%, and the operating environment clean. 5:Unique ink cup structure: add ink, thinner and replace the ink cup easily
1. Ink Cup * 1 piece
2. Steel Plate * 1 piece
3. English Manual * 1 piece
4. Tooling Box * 1 set

5. Tooling Set * 1set

Ptfe Tape Case Automatic Pad Printing Machine

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