Large Size Industrial Drying Oven

  • Large Size Industrial Drying Oven
  • Large Size Industrial Drying Oven
  • Large Size Industrial Drying Oven
  • Large Size Industrial Drying Oven
  • Model Number: EASY-IR100AS
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  • Product Description:Large Size Industrial Drying Oven

Product name:Large Size Industrial Drying Oven

Model Number: EASY-IR100AS


Large Size Industrial Drying Oven

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Use recommend:

Suitable for industrial and mining enterprises for mass production, continuous use for a long time.


For dewatering, drying, producing industries such as electroplating industry, electronic industry, alloy jewelry drip, food and plastics industry, leather industry, hardware industry and other fields, but not for the strong volatile, flammable and explosive items in order to avoid an explosion. (If the explosion-proof requirements, you must install safety facilities, such as explosion-proof lock or blast doors)

LED microcomputer controller with PID controller , timer, current and voltage display function.
1.Single or double door design depends on the box size,. Large diameter centrifugal wind wheel. Make the heat circulation more uniform
2.The shell is made of high quality cold-rolled,LED microcomputer controller,steel with metallic paint spray. Nice overall suitable for all workshops.
3.Two models material inner chamber :zinc-plating   and stainless steel.
4.This product has a large stock, warming fastly,Horizontal air circulation models KH-100 series for baking such as metal, plastic, film screen printing, leather processing industries etc.

Vertical air circulation models IR120AS series for smaller product baking such as baked paint for toys hardware parts

Technical parameters:
Model Voltage
range (℃)
Timing range
Fluct uation (%) Power (KW) Inner size (mm)(H*W*D) Overall dimension
Packing size(mm)
Net weight(KG) Shiping weight
IR100A(S) 380 RT+5~250 0~99H ±2 4~6 1000*600*500 1750*1130*700 1870*1210*780 152 156
IR120A(S) 8~12 1200*900*800 2000*1450*1000 2120*1530*1080 214 221
1.The modes with “A” is LED microcomputer controller.
2.The modes with “S” is stainless steel inner chamber.

Optional accessories

1. Sound and light alarm systems

2.Independent limit of the temperature controller

Large Size Industrial Drying OvenLarge Size Industrial Drying Oven

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