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  • Labeling Machine
  • Labeling Machine
  • Model Number: LM400
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  • Product Description:Labeling Machine

Product name:Labeling Machine

Model Number: LM400

Labeling Machine
1:Power :220V/110V   60/50HZ  250W
2:Environment :Temperature : + 5℃~+50℃ Humidity : 85% (No Fronzen State)
3:Basic paper width: 10-130mm (max:200mm, above 200mm need book specially)
4:Inner diameter of roller paper:φ75mm, Outer diameter of roller paper: φ360mm (max)
5:Workpiece Size: Soft Tube:φ16mm---φ70mm
6:Hard Cylinder:φ13mm---φ75mm
7:Label speed: 25-60 pieces/ minute (related with the diameter of bottles and the size of labels)
8:The Precision of Labeling :±1mm (without the mistake from the workpieces and labels)
9:Machine Dimension : 1320mm(L)X 700(W)X 1280(H)
10:Machine Weight :110kg
1: label reliably and neatly.
2: The pneumatic roller is fit for all kinds of cylinder to label
3: Photoelectric inspector makes all work is competed at one times which includes the feeding label, sticking label and pressing label.
4: Touch screen: easy to operate、intuitionist and abundant help function、displayer for trouble.
5: Labeling parameter storage: 60 groups labeling parameter can be presented (include the diameter of bottles and the length of label) No need to reset when the standard of product changed.
6: Label intelligentized management function、Early warning function and optional image inspected registered system can prevent many kinds of problem made by rewinded label.
7: The machine is made of SUS304# stainless steel and anodized alloy aluminum, so it can be used in different working environment.
8: The driving motor is Japanese Panasonic.
9: Imported superior photoelectric sensor.
Application Scope:
The machine is fit for labeling different diameter cylinder workpieces of cosmetics、medicament、food and drink Industries and so on.

It is featured by easy operation, steady capability, manual feeder, auto photoelectric inspector. The accurate position of label can be labeled, PLC controller makes the machine work smoothly and continually.

Labeling MachineLabeling MachineLabeling MachineLabeling Machine

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