Heat transfer machine for Painting Bucket

  • Heat transfer machine for Painting Bucket
  • Heat transfer machine for Painting Bucket
  • Model Number: AHT-260
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  • Product Description:Heat transfer machine for Painting Bucket
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Product name:Heat transfer machine for Painting Bucket

Model Number: AHT-260

Heat transfer machine for Painting Bucket
1: Max&Min Bucket diameter:60MM-330mm.
2: Working table area:1000x450mm
3: Max.Rubber Roller Length:350mm
4:  Diameter of Rubber Roller:130*50mm; 75-80 shore
5: Table Stroke:600 mm
6: Up-and down distance:80 mm
7: Max pressure:1000 Kg
8: Temperature range:0 - 400oC
9: Heat wattage:3000 W
10: Film rewinding&rotation mandrill&print head are ServoMotor control.
11: Net weight:800KG
12: Gross Weight:850KG
13: Packing Size: 168*137*209CM
14: Power supply: 220V, 50-60HZ, single phrase
Product Advantage:
bucket heat transfer machine is suitable for packaging and printing of all kinds of drums and containers, including: transfer printing of paint drums, transfer printing of lubricating oil drums, transfer printing of waterproof paint drums.
Oil barrel, taper barrel transfer printing, chemical barrel, plastic barrel transfer printing, white latex barrel, agricultural pesticides, fertilizer, lubricant barrel, grease barrel,
Decoration and building materials industry, automotive mechanical lubrication barrel system, etc.
1. exclusive patents, the latest technology in line with international standards
2. the color pattern can be transferred at one time without loss of color.
3. the entire transfer product, without ink residue, is safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
4. the process is simple, the process is few, the efficiency is high, and the simple equipment can also print realistic designs.
5. after processing, the products are bright, beautiful, colorful, clear picture and text, and enhance the added value of products.
6. Suitable for factory batch production, according to the size characteristics of your products, tailor-made machines for your company.
Functional characteristics:
1. PLC control system, simple parameter setting, easy to operate, easy to learn and debug, only need to input three parameters of taper barrel mouth perimeter/barrel bottom perimeter/barrel height to automatically calculate the action trajectory.
2. equipped with pressure sensors, pressure is more balanced. Hot stamping pressure, temperature, speed and time can be adjusted.
3. the clamp base can adjust the angle and position.
4. the fastest printing speed can reach 4 seconds.
5. the digital display of the tension control system can be adjusted to prevent the uneven transfer film.
6. the imported sensor is equipped with two speed collecting film.
7. the pattern of the transfer product is not deformed without stretching, bar code and two-dimensional code are legible and easy to read.
8. imported silicone materials can withstand temperature and pressure, and the temperature and speed can be adjusted.
9. the machine uses XYZ three axis servo and fan parameter trajectory to make the pattern docking more precise.

Heat transfer machine for Painting BucketHeat transfer machine for Painting Bucket

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