Economical 2 Color Tampo Printing Machine

  • Model Number: EP2-100
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  • Product Description:Economical 2 Color Tampo Printing Machine

Product name:Economical 2 Color Tampo Printing Machine

Model Number: EP2-100

Economical 2 Color Tampo Printing Machine
The pad printing machines, which is fit for the nice printing on the small size workpieces. It can be operated easy and has good printing speed .And the two colors
machine can overprint also. For example: stationery, toys, presents, electronic products and so on.
1.steel plate size: 100*100mm
2.printing speed: 2100pcs/hr
3.power: 220V/110V 50-60HZ
4.air pressure: 5-7Bar
5.Action model option: fully automatic/semi-automatic/ Self-Programming
6.Start-up method:panel/foot switches
7.transversa distance:125MM
8.Max.printing area:80*80MM
9.Printing Color:2
Package List
Wooden case :700×650×1300 mm
Gross Weight : 115Kg
Machine Fittings
1.Two pad
2.Two steel plate
3.One Manual in English
4.Two blade
5.One set of tool
1.SCM IC complile action program,kinds of printing model options
2.Auto 4-digit counter built-in,and stat. Printing quantity
3.Airframe adopts coin alloy,and metal coating surface
4.Worktable,plastic head and ink tray can be adjusted X.Y.Z direction
5.Sucking ink and the pressure of printing pad can be adjusted independently .
6.The distance of scratching ink is adjustable
7.It has function of leveling ink by sliding automatically on front /back,this can avoid printing ink partial solidification
8.The speed of all the cylinders have an independent regulator intortum
9.Adopts original Taiwan AirTac pneumatic component
10.Each adjustable location has scale logo1
11.The machine is running fastly,it is steady and low voice
Price Terms : Guangzhou
Payment Terms : Western Union ,T/T
Packing : Wooden case
Lead Time : Within 3 days

Standards Certificate : ISO9001-2000,CE

Economical 2 Color Tampo Printing Machine

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