4-color ink cup pad printer with 4 independent pads

  • Model Number: M4-250PLC
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  • Category: Automatic Pad Printing Machine
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  • Product Description: 4 colors servo motor control ink cup pad printer; Helmet ink cup pad printers, toy card ink cup pad printer, 4 colors ink cup pad printing machine; servo motor control ink cup pad printing machine
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Product name:4-color ink cup pad printer with 4 independent pads

Model Number: M4-250PLC

Shuttle Worktable is driven by the servo motor with the very precision roll ball screw.
4 Rubber pads are independently controlled
Machine parameter:
1:Ink cup diameter(mm):  Φ90
2: Steel plate size(mm):  100x2503: Max. Printing pressure: 1150N6 bar

4: Max. Printing speed:  (pcs/hr) 500

5: Air consumption (L/min) :345

6: Rated power : 250 W

7: Rated voltage: 1ΦAC 220V±10% 50Hz

8: Rated current:  3A

9: Noise : (dB) <80
10: Machine dimension (mm) 1120x780x1707
11: Net Weight: 284kg;  Gross Weight: 330kg

Machine Features:

1. Available for the printing of all directions on the left/right position.

2. 4 pads moving up/down separately and suitable for a long substrate with multi-pictures printing.

3. PLC controls each operation,human-computer interface, and easy operation.

4. High speed and accurate orientation up to the precision ± 0.02mm.

5. High-quality aluminum alloy is used to make the structure solid and weight light.

6. Inking by ink cup, ink viscosity is stable and no need to add any solvents in 6 to 8 hours, low evaporation,

no splashing.Up to 50of ink-saving; Good working environment retains.

7. The safety hood is equipped to meet safety requirements.

8. Dwell time is adjustable to meet different requirements.

9. Convenient ink cup installation and removal for durable use.

10. Extra function “twice inking, once printing” is designed for thicker ink film.

11. The unique ink cup edge structure ensures clean ink scraping and produces a clear and sharp printing image.

12. Drying by auto air blower.


This machine is designed for multi colors printing on those irregular shape products such as mugs, helmet,
toys car’s pad printing with servo motor control on shuttle working table and 4 independent rubber pads control

which is flexible for any angle and position’s printing in multi-colors.

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