UV Exposure Unit

  • UV Exposure Unit
  • UV Exposure Unit
  • UV Exposure Unit
  • Model Number: M-3120
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  • Product Description:UV Exposure Unit

Product name:UV Exposure Unit

Model Number: M-3120

UV Exposure Unit
Technical Parameters:
1. Voltage (single phase alternating current): 110V/220V
2. Exposing area: 31x20cm (12.2"x 7.9")
3. Time scope: 0-999 seconds
4. Light power: 72W
5. Size:500*280*140mm (19.7"*11"*5.5")
6. Weight: 7.5kg
1.Turn on the power, and the meter is on.
2.Set exposing time:
Press “SET” key, the last indicator of meter shows “S” shining. Press “+” or “-” to set time. After setting time, “S” stops shining. Then press “RUN” key, the meter remembers the time automatically.
While press “RUN” key, the light tubes are all on and the meter begins counting down. After checking that, turn off the power and prepare the materials.
3.Place the film and screen plate, turn on the power, press the green key, the machine begins exposing. When finishing it, the light tubes turn off automatically and buzzer rings. If you want to go on, you can place the materials and press green key again. The buzzer stops ringing and the lights on. The machine works as before.
4.The machine has automatic memory function, so when use it next time, it will work as the original setting.
5.The common troubles and solving method:
(1)If the meter or light tubes don’t work, please check the fuse tube or power line, or change according to actual condition.

(2)If some light tube doesn’t work, please check whether the two plugs on the two sides of light tubes is installed tightly. If they are tight, please check light tubes and ballasts. Change them according to actual condition.

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