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Packaging Coding & Marking Mini Portable Handheld Inkjet Printer

  • Model Number: M7
  • Category: Custom Solutions
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  • Product Description:Packaging Coding & Marking Mini Portable Handheld Inkjet Printer

Product name:Packaging Coding & Marking Mini Portable Handheld Inkjet Printer

Model Number: M7

Packaging Coding & Marking Mini Portable Handheld inkjet Printer

Print Fonts: High Resolution Printing Fonts 
Printing symbols:Can print logos & pictures, the length unlimited.
Printing lines: 1 to 15 lines for English, or 1 to 8 lines for Chinese. 
Printing character height:from 1mm to 18mm 
Automatic Printing:Date, Time, Lot No, Shift No, Serial No. etc. 
Message Memory:Could connect the outer devices by USB interface.
Text Length:Max. 200 characters per message
Serial No:1-9 variable sequential numbers.
Spray speed: Maximum speed at 35 meters per minutes, and the increase of the line will not affect the speed
Ink colors:Black, Red, White, Blue
Printing material : can print at the surface of metal, plastic, wood ,Aluminum paper, paper box ,construction material and so on. 
Applicable products:
used for package material printed with area code, date, Lot number. Suitable for package label of food, drink, medicine, chemical, cement and other industries. It 
can be printed on porous surfaces (such as ordinary cardboard boxes, templates, textiles, etc.) and non-porous surfaces (such as bags, silver mirror, aluminum 
mirror, glossy cardboard boxes, etc.)
Ink Cartridge:
Solvent-based or oil-based environmentally friendly ink cartridge. No need to use air source or Pump.
Machine Weight:3 kg (Including cartridge).
Rated Power :
DC 14.8V  Lithium battery could use 8 hours or stand by 20 hours.
Power:Average lower than 15W 

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