GLass Bottle Printing Machine

  • GLass Bottle Printing Machine
  • GLass Bottle Printing Machine
  • GLass Bottle Printing Machine
  • GLass Bottle Printing Machine
  • Model Number: 400ABG
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  • Category: Cylindrical Screen Printer
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  • Product Description:GLass Bottle Printing Machine
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Product name:GLass Bottle Printing Machine

Model Number: 400ABG

Glass Bottle Screen Printing Machine,GLass Bottle Printing Machine,Printing Machine For Glass Bottles
Pneumatic Cylindrical Screen Printer
1.Max printing thickness :250mm
2.Power support:220V 50HZ
3.Air consumption:500 Litre/Min
4.Max product diameter:Φ120mm*250mm;350*250mm
5.Max product arc length:370mm
6.Max printing area:220x320mm
7.Max printing speed:1800Pcs/H r
8.Machine size:90X80X130CM(LxWxH)
9.Machine Weight:180KG
10.Gross Weight: 202KG
11: Packing Size: 94*87*144CM
12.Volume Weight:236KG
1. Controlled by microprocessor,easy operation,running stably and accurately.
2. 4-digit auto counter built-in.
3. Cast aluminum machine frame,low weight and high intensity,adjust convenient.
4. Separate adjustment of the pad up/down stroke speed.
5. ink scraper is auto balance keeping in printing.
6. With the function of ink scraping nonstop without printing in order to prevent the ink from drying.
7. Ink cup is turnable and adjustable in vertical and horizontal direction.
8. With super long slide stroke to print large size workpiece.
9. Pneumatic part of the installation of the German FESTO tubes and Air valve, Ormon Sensor, SMC Cylinder.
Machine Fittings:
1. One frame,
2. One tool box,
3. 1 Piece of squeegee.
4. One jar.
Application Scope:

Compare with 400AB, this machine is attached with oval, round and flat working stations which are suitable for precise printing substrates in Cylindrical, Conical Oval and Flat shapes which with smooth curve surface and made of various materials such as metal, plastic, ceramic, glass, wood etc. Printing objects such as lipstick, cosmetic bottles, scour bottles, drink bottles, pots, oil-filter shell, lunch box, ceramic mugs, flask, koozies, shot glasses cups, stadium cups, paper cups etc..

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GLass Bottle Printing Machine

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GLass Bottle Printing Machine

GLass Bottle Printing Machine

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