Single Color Pad Printer For Shoe Heels

  • Model Number: ASH-150
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  • Product Description:Single Color Pad Printer For Shoe Heels

Product name:Single Color Pad Printer For Shoe Heels

Model Number: ASH-150

Single Color Pad Printer For Shoe Heels
Printing leather result on shoe hel surface by pad printer with clear vein. That can
reduce the cost of shoe heel, improve outside profile. The pad printer is the main
crafts in international. It's suitable for printing high and small shoe heels surface.
1. SCM IC compile action program, kinds of printing model options
2. Auto 4-digital counters built-in to count printing quantity
3. Airframe adopts coin alloy, and metal coating surface
4. Unique leather result by overprinting color can up to real leather result
5. Full series of printing head for shoe heel
6. Worktable, printing head and ink tray can be adjusted X. Y. Z direction
7. Sucking ink and the pressure of printing pad can be adjusted independently
8. The distance of sctratching ink is adjustable
9. It has function of leveling ink by sliding automatically on front/back,
This can avoid printing ink partial solidification
10.The speed of all the cylinders has an independent regulator valves
11.Adopts original Japan SMC and Taiwan MINDMAN pneumatic component
12.Each adjustable location has scale logo
13.It has the function of forbidding the printing pad fallen when no air pressure
14.The machine is running fast with steady and low noise
1. Steel plate size : 150*200mm
2. Printing speed : 500 pairs/hr
3. Power : 220/110V 50-60Hz 150W
4. Air pressure :5-7bar
5. Action model: auto | semi-auto | self-programming | manual
6. Blade working style : pneumatic mechanical valve cylinder up and down
7. Blade pressure controll :by pressure regulating valve
8. Transverse stroke :200mm
9. Vertical stroke :120mm
10.Max printing area :150*100mm
11.The usage of pad :1500~2000pairs
12.Repeat precision :<0.05mm
13.Printing workstation :1pc
14.Fixing jigs :T-slot, code pressure compress heavily
15.Material of jigs :automobile putty | wood
16.Plastic fastness style :by wooden bolt

17.Start up method: panel | pedal

Single Color Pad Printer For Shoe Heels

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