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Medical Mask making machine production line

  • Medical Mask making machine production line
  • Medical Mask making machine production line
  • Medical Mask making machine production line
  • Medical Mask making machine production line
  • Model Number: AM-1300
  • Category: Custom Solutions
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  • Product Description:Medical Mask making machine production line,Disposable Surgical Face Mask,Medical Mask making machine
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Product name:Medical Mask making machine production line

Model Number: AM-1300

Medical Mask making machine production line
Technical parameters of equipment:

1. This machine can produce the size of 175*95mm.
2. This machine uses 5-6 ultrasonic systems as welding, so that the welding can achieve better and more stable effect, and extend the life of ultrasonic
3. This machine uses 1 set of 1HP motor and 3 sets of 1HP same servo motors as the main transmission power, and its speed is adjustable
4. The power supply of the machine is 220V50Hz, 1 phase, and the total power consumption is 9kw;
5.The machine with a breaking (missing) device;
6.Equipped with automatic counting, which can stack the directional conveyor belt according to the required quantity;
7.Machine capacity: 90-100pcs / min;
8. The mask part of the connecting part falls on the tray of the earring machine at a proper height, which makes the machine fall more smoothly, smoothly and stable.
9. This machine is equipped with 3 layers of material racks.
10.Machine size: 5400 × 3600mmx1900mm

Main components of equipment
1.3 layer frame group;
2. Nose line material rack;
3. Nose line conveying, regulating and cutting system
4. Binding horn and welding wheel set
5. Pulling driving wheel set;
6. Folding roller set
7. Folding adjustment system;
8. Drawing and flattening wheel group;
9. Power motor;
10. Body cutting wheel set
11. Automatic transfer to conveyor belt
12. Automatic feeding part;
13. Melting ear belt;
14. Scissors group;
15. Receiving part;
16. Conveyor belt;
17. Finished product collecting

Main elements of equipment
1.Cylinder: AirTAC (Taiwan)
2.Servo motor: Yunkong / Xinjie
3. Programmable controller PLC: Mitsubishi / Xinjie.
4. Touch screen: Weinview (Taiwan).
5.Body: aluminum alloy frame, parts surface treatment: chrome-plated steel, silver-white aluminum
6.Machinery parts: steel, aluminum.

Packing size of wooden case:
2200*800*1900mm     1 case
2100*750*1500mm     1 case
2300*1000*1500mm   1 case

2000*1300*1500mm   2 case

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