Manual Screen stretching Equipment

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Product name:Manual Screen stretching Equipment

Model Number: N60LW

Manual Screen stretching Equipment
Screen stretching is the most important procedure to make screen. Stretching tool and technical define the quality of emulsion coating ,screen stretching and screen printing.
Our company R&D this manual screen stretcher, it is professional design, exquisite craft, brief and utility structure, easy and swift operation ,enormously improves efficiency and quality. It is exposed of four parts with the same appearances, structures and applications.
Main Features
Consisted by four 24"(60CM) wide collets. One single set can apply to any screen frames below 24"x24"(60x60CM )(external dimension), two sets combination can be done all size screen frames below 48"x48"(120x120CM)
Wide locking bars for compressing screen are critical parts, directly influencing the quality of stretching. We specially exploit concave and convex locking bars made of rubber with proper rigidity,24" width, no joints
Suits for any frames below 2” thickness (common thickness is 1"-1.2").Adjusting position bolt can meet your different requirement
Considering machine structure, only some components needs to endure force, we bring in 0.12" thickness steel plate to make normal components and 0.2" thickness plate to make forced parts.Made of steel,advanced electrostatic spraying
Crate dimension: 28"*19"*11"(70×48×28CM)
Net weight: 42Lb(19kg)
Shipping weight: 50Lb(23kg)
1. Put the screen frame on it, the upside must be the ragged face.
2. Adjust the height of the frame, 0.04"-0.08"(1-2mm) higher than the baffle.
3. Keeping the hand-wheel in the inside of the screw rod will assure better stretching effects.
4. Coat screen adhesive, not to thin and not to thick.
5. Stretch when the adhesive sticks hand a bit.
6. Coat the adhesive again after well stretched.

7. When the adhesive solidifies completely, then the screen stretching appliance can be dismantled.

Manual Screen stretching Equipment

Manual Screen stretching Equipment

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