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Large Size Hydraulic Hot Stamping Machine

  • Large Size Hydraulic Hot Stamping Machine
  • Large Size Hydraulic Hot Stamping Machine
  • Large Size Hydraulic Hot Stamping Machine
  • Large Size Hydraulic Hot Stamping Machine
  • Model Number: H-TC-60T
  • Category: Hot Stamping Machine
  • Views: 175
  • Product Description:Large Size Hydraulic Hot Stamping Machine
Large Size Hydraulic Hot Stamping Machine 
Technical parameters:
1 Power : 380V 50HZ
2 Stamping area 400 * 600mm
3 Table area: 520 * 800mm
4 Heating power: 6400W
5 Motor power : 3700W
6 Maximum pressure: 60T
7 Bronzing thickness ≤ 75mm
8 Stamping temperature: room temperature 0-300°C, adjustable
9. Feeding: electric
10 Center distance: 320mm
11 Hot plate stroke :80mm
12. Transfer time of 0-99 seconds 
13 Fuel tank capacity: 60L
14 Weight: 1000Kg
15 Dimensions: 1200 * 1000 * 1600mm
16.Quality / Safety Certification: ISO9001-2000
17:Packing size(2 Cases)
Machine packing size:130*120*176cm
Hydraulic Pump packing size:70*60*95cm
Advantages :
1 Electrical control, easy to operate.
2 Hydraulic drive, connecting rod design, powerful stamping pressure.
3 Workbench adjustable up and down, and convenient height stamping.
4 Stamping pressure, temperature, speed adjustable.
5 Automatic document feeder, the collection of paper, and adjustable.
6. Volumes foil device may require 1-3 group can.
Product Description:
Paper, cardboard, leather, PVC, plastic, wood and other materials for large area flat stamping, transfer, since convex, indentation, branding press. 
Stamping process the matters needing attention:
1.According to the different varieties of scalded object, select the appropriate hot stamping foil.Good sized must master the temperature, pressure, stamping speed three party coordination, and according to the short-run printing materials, area of difference.
2.The cutting knife should grasp the direction and speed of car;
3.The anodized hot stamping foil should choose attributes suitable paper, ink (especially black ink), kerosene, composite glue, hot stamping parts must be kept dry, so as to avoid the bronzing layer oxidizing or injury;
4.The general packaging: 0, 64 × 120m volumes, each volume 10: a box can be custom width of 0.64M, length of 240m or 360m rolls or other special specifications;

5.When stored to prevent pressure, moisture, heat, sunscreen, placed in a cool ventilated place.

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