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Hot Stamping Machine For Beverage Crate

  • Hot Stamping Machine For Beverage Crate
  • Hot Stamping Machine For Beverage Crate
  • Hot Stamping Machine For Beverage Crate
  • Hot Stamping Machine For Beverage Crate
  • Model Number: H-PLC-1528
  • Category: Hot Stamping Machine
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  • Product Description:Hot Stamping Machine For Beverage Crate
Hot Stamping Machine For Beverage Crate
1.Adjusting of worktable in transverse direction:50mm
2.Adjusting of machine-head in longitudinal direction :200mm
3.Pressure selection range:0.6- 0.8Mpa
4.Power supply: 220V 50HZ
5.Power of main motor: 25W
6.Electric heating power:3KW
7.Heating panel size:150x280mm
8.Worktable size: 420x500mm

9.Equipment size: 900x900x1600mm

Operational procedure:

This machine is a kind of heating equipment and it must be connected to power supply with reliable protective earthing.
1. Connect the air pipe of air compressor to oil-water separator of the equipment, then raise the pressure adjustment knob and rotate it, “+” for pressure charging, “_ “for pressure reduction.
2. Install the mould tooling and place the work piece properly. Loose the locked handle behind the pillar and turn the handwheel on the pillar. Adjust the distance between the printing head and the work piece and then lock the handle. (If necessary, slightly adjust the screw over the cylinder)
3. Switch on the circuit breaker and set hot stamping temperature (Note: The temperature showed on temperature control gauge is only for reference).
4. Foil selection and loading 
a、 Select proper foil according to character of the gilding elements.
b、 Fasten the chosen printing foil on the fixed axis shortened by the equipment and use spring to adjust the tension.
c、 Printing foil is rolled along the wasted reel through the foil winding system at the right. 
d、 Adjust the length and drift angle of the foil support bars in two extremities, so that the workpiece is 10-20mm or so far away from the hot stamping foil.
e、 When all preparation work is done and the temperature is up to the setting value, the hot stamping operation can be started.
1: Packing size:1150*1050*1750mm
2: Net weight:400

3: Gross Weight:435


This machine is especially design for all kinds of large size plastic crate and basket's foil printing. It is the new generation of multi-functional flat cabinet gilding machine, fitting for both flat stamping and for different sizes of box surface gilding, the nose vertical adjustment structure, adjustable vertically to solve a variety of mold installation difficulties, adjustment problems inconvenience, and truly realizing of one machine multi function usages

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