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Hot Stamp Silicone Dies

  • Hot Stamp Silicone Dies
  • Hot Stamp Silicone Dies
  • Hot Stamp Silicone Dies
  • Hot Stamp Silicone Dies
  • Model Number: Hot Stamp Silicone Dies
  • Category: Hot Stamping Consumables
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  • Product Description:Hot Stamp Silicone Dies
Hot Stamp Silicone Dies
Made By high-temperature vulcanizing silicon rubber; 
Suitable for stamping Rigid objects such as: cosmetic case, Plastics caps, Plastics panel. 
Price Terms:E.X.W 
Payment Terms:TT 
Packing:Paper case 
Lead Time:Within 3 days 
Usage:Gilding Logo and Drawing onto Products. suitable for Rigid objects such as: Metal, Glass, Wooden, Plastics and some paper and film. 
Technical Parameter:Hardness: 50-60-70-80, Base on diffrent Gilding quality;
Words size; above 6 number;
Thickness of aluminium base:1-1.5-3-5-10mm. 
Production Advantage:Diffrent Silicon rubber thickness to be choice;
Sharp Edge of words and drawing ensure precision Gilding quality;
Diffrent aluminium thickness to be choice for matching various base;
Make of fine quality silicon rubber materials and long life to use;
Vulcanization Process ensure well-adhering between aluminium base and silicon rubber plate;
Easily bending to Radian to match complex surface of objects. 

Use Method:Used by flat or cylinder Gilding machine To finish logo and words Bronzing.

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