Engraved Embossing Copper Plate

  • Model Number: Engraved Embossing Copper Plate
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  • Product Description:Engraved Embossing Copper Plate

Product name:Engraved Embossing Copper Plate

Model Number: Engraved Embossing Copper Plate

Engraved Embossing Copper Plate
Embossment effects will rapidly improve the paper decoration;
Widely used in the field of Paper package, Gift making.
Suitable for :
Innvitation letter, Smoking package , Wine package, Food Package, Gift and health protection, greeting card,
Gilding Logo and Drawing onto Products. suitable for Rigid objects such as: Metal, Glass, Wooden, Plastics and some paper and film.
Technical Parameter︰ Thickness of Copperplate: 6.5mm;
Thickness of Resin Plate: 3mm;
Production Advantage:
High Precision Copperplate engraved;
Sharp Edge of words and drawing ensure precision Gilding quality;
Diffrent depth of copperplate get diffrent effects;
High Grade CU-ZN alloy ensure usage life.
Use Method:
1. Adhere Resin plate onto working table of stamping machine;
2. Put the copperplate onto resin plate;
3. Coating High temperature Glue or adhere high temperature tape on the copperplate;
4. Operating the stamping machine make the stamping head press down with copperplate. The sopperplate will be adhered on the stamping plate.
Printing Plate type:

There are two relatived plate: one is copper plate, engraved with electron engraved machine; the other is resin plate.

Engraved Embossing Copper Plate

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