High Temperature Tape

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Product name:High Temperature Tape

Model Number: High Temperature Tape

High Temperature Tape
High temperature adhesive tape is coated in a layer of hot glue the top release paper and then drying the material; As a result of gravure coating process, coating is very uniform, and the hot plate in the metal layer is formed between the bonding layer;
Will melt the adhesive layer to the hot plate stamping Edition paste the above, when the removal of heat, and then knocked to the plate with a screwdriver;
High temperature adhesive tape suitable for stamping area is not much the fixed version.
Stick copper plate, Zn-plate, silcion rubber plate onto stamping aboard of gilding machine.
Technical Parameter:Width: 30mm;
Colour: Yellow;
Temperature range:0-400:
Thickness of base:0.075um, Tape thickness: 0.03mm.
Production Advantage:Well temperature resistance, good adhesive bonding;
Easily Stripping between base and tape;
Easily to store because of Glue coating on the base paper;
Expediently cut to fit size to adhere between stamping plate and Bronzing Edition;
Guarantee the stickup planeness becuase of very thin Emulsion thickness.
Use Method:
Accoring to the size of bronzing edition, cut high temperature tape to fit area and cover it onto bronzing edition after peeling emulsion film from base paper;
Put Bronzing edition coverred high temerature Emulison onto the working table of stamping machine;
Set the temerature of stamping machine at a correct range;
Operate the stamping machine and make the stamping head press down with Bronzing edition for 10 seconds;
Bronzing Edition will ne stick to stamping head when emulsion melt.
Store in the place confined and shady space. Too high temperature will make the temperature paper melt and deformation.
Shelf life:3 Years

Printing Plate type:Copper Edition; ZN-edition; Silicon rubber edition.

High Temperature Tape

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