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3 Color 1 Station Flash Dryer Screen Press

  • 3 Color 1 Station Flash Dryer Screen Press
  • 3 Color 1 Station Flash Dryer Screen Press
  • 3 Color 1 Station Flash Dryer Screen Press
  • 3 Color 1 Station Flash Dryer Screen Press
  • Model Number: RRSP-103DRY
  • Category: Screen Printing Press
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  • Product Description:3 Color 1 Station Flash Dryer Screen Press

Product name:3 Color 1 Station Flash Dryer Screen Press

Model Number: RRSP-103DRY

3 Color 1 Station Screen Press with Dryer
EXW Guangzhou price at 480USD/Set.
3 Color 1 Station Flash Dryer Screen Press is  newly R&D by our company, it is two color overprintable and there is  a infrared flash dryer between the two arms, it will be so  convenient for you to print and dry now, the flash dryer is also  rotary and no need for an extra flash dryer anymore, save you so  much money and improve your efficiency at the same time! This is  really a good news for screen printing industry!
    They  can print onto clothing (especially for T-shirt), woven fabric,  metal, paper, copybook, plastic, circuit board, wood, glass, ceramic  tile, leather and other plane printing substrates, which is  especially suitable for small businesses and individual printing  shop.
Height adjustable range for the screen frame clamp: 0.8" / 2cm. 
Height adjustable range of the  dryer head: 5.5"/14cm.
Platen size: 21.7*17.7" (55*45cm)
Drying Area: 15.7*15.7" (40*40cm)
Packing Amount: 2 Cartons
Total Shipping Weight: 95Lb (43kg) 
Carton one: 66Lb/30kg 
Carton two: 29Lb/13kg
Package sizes: 
Features & Advantages
1.Easy  operation but with high efficiency as the screen  printing platen layer can rotate independently &  the drying box has been installed.
2.The  dryer is equipped with intelligent control system, which is energy &  cost saving but with higher efficiency. When the drying box is moved  above the printing pallet, it will dry automatically; while moved  away from the pallet, it will stop working automatically.
3.Table  type and combinatorial design saves place and convenient for  transportation.
4.The  pallet is high temperature & corrosion resistant, easy cleaning and  no deformation as its edges  are fixed by aluminum alloy materials. Besides, its surface is a  little rough for applying the pallet adhesive for positioning.
5.Special  design of spring devices in screen adjusting up and down makes it  easier for the user operations according to the sizes and weight of  the screens, which guarantees proper spring intensity to avoid  squeegees expelling and inks splashing in higher intensity and  screen unfixing because of higher weight of screen frames and  squeegees in loose intensity.
6.All-metal  construction, advanced electrostatic spraying and electroplating,  durable, easy to clear and no rust. 
7.Equipped  with full set of installing tools, manual instruction and videos..

8.Excellent  packaging: All  our equipments are perfectly  packaged by high-strength five-layer corrugated carton, inside with  standard soft and hard foam and three-ply board, all metal parts are  separately packaged, which guarantees product safety during transportation.

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