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Enlarge 2 Colors Automatic UV Screen Printing Machine on Glass Bottles

  • Model Number: S-102ML
  • Category: Automatic Screen Printing Machine
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  • Product Description:Enlarge 2 Colors Automatic UV Screen Printing Machine on Glass Bottles
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Enlarge 2 Colors Automatic UV Screen Printing Machine on Glass Bottles
1.Printing Speed: Round: 3000pcs / hr ;Oval 3000pcs / hr
2:Product size: Round: φ130X320mm ; Oval: Oval Width 25-120mm Length 25-320mm
3.Printing Size: (φ130X260mm)x(260-280mm)
4.Printing Length: 4.Compressed Air: 0.6MPa
5.Lp Gas:0.15MPa
8.Power Unit:380V/3P 50Hz 7KW/220-240V,3Phrases,7KW. (220-240V,3Phrases, 60HZ optional)
9: Mercury UV lamp power rate: 5KW
10.Machine Dimension:2800×1800×2100mm
11.Packing Size:2910*1980*2000CM

12.Net Weight:1000KG
13.Gross Weight:1200KG

1:Cam-linkage mechanisms driving mode combined with PLC control system for effectively guarantee the working stability, reliability and most efficiency.
2:Reliability: Main components from Rexroth, Schneider, SMC, Mitsubishi international brand. The machines hardware parts are made by CNC directly from CAD.
3: Machine Frame & structures made by high intensity aluminum alloy and stainless steel.
4: With PLC control system, touch screen interface. Fast setup & quick tooling change over for customer's easy operation and adjustment
5:  Adopted with No-product- no print  system, auto counter,  safety alarm device.
6: Optional: Made based on customer's special requirement. The  round & oval bottles common used devices,  antistatic dust removing device, extra set flame treatment, UV/IR system, auto scrambler system, offloading conveyor, offloading robot arm to have bottles stand up on the off conveyor belt and any other customizations due to order.

7: Italy Style Electronic UV Curing System for mostly power rate saving, assuring the UV lamp’s longest life span, adjustable UV identity from 20%-100%

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