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Electric Pad Printing Machine


Product name:Electric Pad Printing Machine

Model Number: TDY-380

Electric Pad Printing Machine
Machine Parameters:
Model: TDY-380
1) Power Supply: 220V/50HZ, 55W
2) Operating model: electromotive
3) Working speed: ≤3600 times/hour
4) Printing area: ≤40 x 50mm
5) Maximum plate size: 85 x 175 mm
5) Printing height: ≤380mm
6) Weight: 21kg
7) Size (L x W x H): 425x395x550mm
8) Carton Size: 435x405x560mm
9) Sealed Cup: 70MM;Max.Printer Dia.65mm.
Product Description:
The Desktop Electric Pad Printer is suited to print notes and signs like manufacture date ,lot number and simple design on various kinds of bottles, jugs, cups or boxes based on every type of materials, with fast printing speed, cute and clear letterform. Concave printing board comes in two types of square board and circular board, which can customize various kinds of needed typing symbols.

It has been enjoying a high repeat order rate after lunching to the market and obtains a good feedback from customers. We are strongly recommend this model to those who interested in the manual pad printers.

Electric Pad Printing MachineElectric Pad Printing MachineElectric Pad Printing MachineElectric Pad Printing Machine

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