Flat&Cylinder UV Curing Machine

  • Model Number: UV-5000UVS2
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  • Product Description:Flat&Cylinder UV Curing Machine
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Product name:Flat&Cylinder UV Curing Machine

Model Number: UV-5000UVS2

1.Max product height:20-320mm
2.Max product width:400mm
3.Conveyer size: 3270x550mm(LxW)
4.Bottle diameter:Φ12-120mm
5.Conveyer size: Total length: 3000mm; Width: 550mm;
Infeed length:1150mm; Outfeed:380mm; height from the floor to conveyor: 830mm
7.Rout speed:0-10m/min
8.UV lamp power:5KW
9.Machine power:7KW
10.Power supply:AC 380V/ 50Hz 3-Phase/220-240V,60HZ,3-Phase
11.Machine size:2100x750x1810mm(LXWXH)
12.Machine weight:400kg; Gross Weight:460KG
13.Packing Size:345*83*192CM


1.Suitable for the UV Ink printing cure on round, oval, flat bottles, and cylindrical substrate.

2.By adjusting its lighting angle, it can also be used in the UV Ink printing cure of flat or curved substrate;

3.Italy Style Electric UV curing machines; UV light could be adjusted from 10-100% intensity. The UV lifespan of his new UV electrical system is greatly lasting for a longer period compare with the traditional UV capacity&Transform system.

4.On the top of the machine equipped with an exhaust system, you can vent the inside heat of the curing chamber.


Product Description:

 The machine is suitable for drying and curing round, oval plastic or glass bottles. It is widely used in cosmetic, household product bottles final step printing curing. The tooling holder is removable so it is also suitable for flat product curing. It is also attached with flexible tooling so that it is fitting the cylinder diameter ranges from 20-140mm maximum.

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