Plastic bottle production line order from Peru customer

Dated on 10th, June,2020, we packed and delivered the HDPE plastic bottles silkscreen printing machine production line 

for Peru customer which bought one set of flame treatment machine, one set of silkscreen printing machine, one set of 

UV curing machine and one set of UV exposure machines for the silkscreen frame exposure.

The UV curing machine is for drying the HDPE UV ink for high working capacity.

Through this first trial order, we are expecting the customer will place us the repeat order for the Fully automatic UV

 silkscreen printing machine which is combined with flame treatment, silkscreen printing and UV drying system for the 

plastic bottles printing. It is 3 function in one which reach the speed at 3,600pcs per hour max. and it will greatly reduce 

the labour cost and increase the capacity as well as assuring the perfect stable printing quality.


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