Pakistan customer's silk screen printing machine & hot stamping machine order on plastic cosmetic jar printing solution

Dated 21st,July, we have shipped one set of silk screen printing machines on plastic jar model 400AB and hot stamping machine on jar lid's top and sidewall by hot stamping machine model 6B as well on one set of IR heating tunnel for the screen printing drying system which is for drying the solvent ink. This is the very much complete and typical high-quality screen printing solution on all those plastic cosmetic jars by solvent ink printing. Sometimes you might also need to add the flame treatment if the materials of the bottle are made of PP or HDPET to pretreated the bottle's surface to increase the ink adhesion. So to build up a complete silk screen printing production line on those jars, bottles, mugs, you will consider of taking the complete solution of screen printing machine, IR drying tunnel for solvent ink or UV curing machine for UV ink, Flame treatment to increase the adhesion.

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