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High Speed Full-automatic Can Sealing Machine

  • Model Number: ALM-100G1
  • Category: Automatic Labeling Machine
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  • Product Description:High Speed Full-automatic Can Sealing Machine
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High Speed Full-automatic Can Sealing Machine
Model: ALM-100G1
Technical parameters:
Material: SST
Qty of sealing : 1
Sealing speed: 45~50pcs/min. 
Height of sealing: 50-200mm, adjustable
Control model:PLC and touch screen
Dia. of applicable bottle type: 35-100mm (only applicable to single diameter)
Voltage: 220V/ 380V 50/60Hz
Electricity power: 1.1KW
Weight: 500KG
Size: 3000(L)* 900(W)* 1800 (H)mm
Voltage: 220V, 50Hz
 Structure and properties description:
1. The design of operation panel is reasonable and simple, which faciliates adjustment and maintenance.
2. The machine is controlled by the PLC system and touch screen.
3.It has high production capacity and degree of automation which may save labor cost. It is applicable as equipment of sealing and filling production line.
4.Sealed reel adopts two reel sealing. The sealed reel is perpetually rust-proofing. It has extremely good sealing performance.
5.The can is designed as not rotating during the sealing process. It requires high processing precision. Its sealing quality is superior to that of similar products in China.
6.Applicable for sealing of various tin cans, aluminum cans, paper cans and all kinds of round cans, simple in operation, and it is an ideal equipment of food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries.

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