Automatic Glue Labeler for Bottles

  • Automatic Glue Labeler for Bottles
  • Automatic Glue Labeler for Bottles
  • Automatic Glue Labeler for Bottles
  • Automatic Glue Labeler for Bottles
  • Model Number: ALM-81200
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  • Product Description:Automatic Glue Labeler for Bottles,
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Product name:Automatic Glue Labeler for Bottles

Model Number: ALM-81200

Automatic Glue Labeler for Bottles
Applicable to a variety of round bottle-like object on the paste labeling, paper separation, gluing, labeling, feeding auto-complete, reduce the manual labeling process, improve labeling efficiency. coating evenly, with filamentous stripes, do not wrinkle, improve packaging grades. Especially suitable for small batch production labeling, such as food, alcohol and other labeling.

1.Adopt sealed gearbox , mechanical transmission, the use of adhesive attached to the various round bottle labels, stable and reliable;
2. Stand-alone application, or can be configured with production lines applicable, convenient adjustment;
3. Save glue, coating thickness according to need to adjust the coating evenly and eliminate the waste of glue;
4. Accurate labeling, label head and tail docking overlap and high accurate positioning of the label on the bottle position;
5. Labeling high quality, adjustable filamentous stripes, labeling flat, without wrinkles, no warping, improve packaging grades;
6.High degree of automation, sub paper feeding, gluing, labeling, follow standard auto-complete, to improve the labeling efficiency;
7. Suitable for a wide range of products to meet ¢ 30mm-¢ 320mm within the circumference paste labeling;
8.Easy cleaning paste on the turntable , Squeegee knife, glue wheel separation design, cleaning is simple and quick;
9. High stability, Panasonic PLC + Panasonic touch screen + Panasonic needle-shaped electric eye composed of advanced electronic control system, support equipment 7 × 24-hour operation;
10. Touch screen interface, the entire english comments and failure prompts, various parameters adjustment quick and easy, easy to operate;
11. Environmental protection, the main material made of stainless steel and advanced aluminum alloy, in line with the requirements of GMP production.

1.Label width: 60-150mm
2.Label length:60-360mm
3.Bottles Size:
Diameter : φ30mm-φ100mm
Height :      60mm-300mm
4.Max Labeling speed: 30-100pcs /min
5.Accuracy of labeling:±1mm
6.Power:  110V/220V    50/60Hz

7.Machine Dimension: 2400mm x 800mm x 1200 mm

Automatic Glue Labeler for BottlesAutomatic Glue Labeler for BottlesAutomatic Glue Labeler for Bottles

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