Economic Tabletop Pad Printing Machine

  • Model Number: TP-50MT
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Product name:Economic Tabletop Pad Printing Machine

Model Number: TP-50MT



Economic Tabletop pad printer
It is the most competitive pad printer in China, with small floor area and steaby printing quality. It is suitable for printing electronic products,
plastic shell, keyboard, hardware products, stationary, small arts and crafts, logo on the surface of gift

1. Max printing are: 50mm*50mm
2. Ink cup diameter: 70*60*12MM
3. steel plate size: plate size: 200*100mm ( plate hole center is at 184*86mm)(L*W) hole diameter:4-6.0mm
4. Printing speed: 2500pcs/hr
5. Packing size: 580 × 410 × 720 mm
6. Net weight: 40kg Gross weight: 50kg
7. Shape dimension::500 × 350 × 650 mm
8. Power: 110V/220V 50-60HZ
9. Air pressure: 5-7bar
10.Vertical stroke: 75mm (the highest of printed products is 100mm)
11.Printing workstation: 1
12.Fastening clamp style: T-slot table, code pressure compressing tightly


1. SCM IC complile action program, kinds of printing model optional
2. Auto-4 digit counter built-in, and stat. Printing quantity
3. Worktable, printing head can be adjusted X.Y.X direction
4. Sucking ink and the pressure of printing pad can be adjusted independently
5. It has function of leveling ink by sliding automatically on front/back, this can avoid printing ink partial solidification
6. The speed of all the cylinders have an independent regulator intorturn
7. With long transversa stroke, can print bigger size products
8. Adopting all Taiwang Pneumatic elements
9. Working steably, high printing precision
10.All the electric elements installed openly, it is convenient to maintain

Price Terms : FOB Shenzhen or Guangzhou
Payment Terms : Western Union ,T/T or L/C
Packing : Wooden case
Lead Time : Within 3 days
Standards Certificate : ISO9001-2000,CE
Colour Painted :Blue
Machine Fittings
1.One pad
2.One steel plate
3.One Manual in English
4.One set of tool
Package List
Wooden case :580 × 410 × 720 mm
Gross Weight : 50kg

Ship Date

1.By sea.
within 30 days after receive remittance
2.By air.
within 6 days after receive remittance


1.Cylinder can be changed for free within 1year,freight collect.
2.Other parts can be changed for free within 2years,freight collect.

3.Warranty period:3years.

Economic Tabletop Pad Printing Machine

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