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Desktop Ink Cup Pad Printing Machine

  • Desktop Ink Cup Pad Printing Machine
  • Desktop Ink Cup Pad Printing Machine
  • Desktop Ink Cup Pad Printing Machine
  • Desktop Ink Cup Pad Printing Machine
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Desktop Ink Cup Pad Printing Machine
Mini-TP-215T is well suitable to pad printing on pens, toys, cups, cosmetic container, gift crafts, ball, mobile phone keypad, computer keyboard, household appliances ect.
It is with closed ink cup, can save 60% ink and 90% thinner comparing with open ink plate.
desktop pad printer with close ink cup has exterior beautiful, small, easy operateing, high quality, environment friendly /acceptable, competitive price, useful for small products, same as toys, pen, stationery, gift, elc products...
1. Controlled by microprocessor for easy operation.
2. Five-digit auto counter built-in;
3. High intensity coin aluminium machine structure frame;
4. Sealed cup is used for ink covering and store, Keep ink viscidity stabilization and environment clean;
5. Independent pads up/down stroke and speed adjustment;
6. Printing speed adjustable to fulfil various printing requirements;
7. "Inking twice, printing once"for thick ink film;
8. Able to sweep forward/backward without lowering pad to avoid ink drying at intervals
1. Model NO: Mini-TP-215T
2. Operation: Pneumatic
3. Printing Colors: 1
4. Plate area: 100*215mm
5. Cup diameter: Φ 90mm
6. Max printing area: 80*90mm
7. Max printing speed: 1700PCS/H
8. Wattage: 220V/ 50HZ-110V/60HZ
9. Machine size: 560*360*600mm(LxWxH)
10. Machine weight: 48kg
11.Packing Size:60*37*70CM
12.Gross Weight:53KG
Free Fitting:
1. One pcs steel plate
2. One silicone rubber pad
3. A suit tool
4. English operating instruction
Price Terms --FOB or CFR
Payment Terms--- T/T or LC
Packing ----wooden crate
Lead Time ----5 days after confirm Payment
Standards Certificate ---CE
Cubic Meter---- 0.5
Main Parts ----SMC cylinder made by Japan

Application area -----toys, pens, keyboard, plastic products, laber, hardware

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