Automatic Labeling Machine for Card

  • Automatic Labeling Machine for Card
  • Automatic Labeling Machine for Card
  • Automatic Labeling Machine for Card
  • Automatic Labeling Machine for Card
  • Model Number: ALM-11500
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  • Product Description:Automatic Labeling Machine for Card, card labeling machine, plastic bag labeling machine,labeling machine,labeling machinery,labeling machine bottle,,labeling applicator machine,automatic labeling mac
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Product name:Automatic Labeling Machine for Card

Model Number: ALM-11500

Automatic Labeling Machine for Card
Especially adapt to electronic monitoring code labeling. Widely used in packaging objects, like medical, food, chemical,
cosmetics, electronic products, hardware, Auto Parts, stationeries, batteries, tape, CD, cartons and so on.
1.Adopt High stability German LEUZE labeling system, Panasonic PLC , Panasonic Signal transmission system.
operation is stable and high-speed
2.Using touch-screen control operating system, simple, practical, efficient;
3.Adapt variety shape of object in top labeling;
4.Screw adjustment to suppress body movements accurately;
5.Synchronization chain mechanism ensure labeling smooth and precise calibration;
6.Advanced technology of pneumatic coding system, print the batch number and expiry clearly.
7.Transmission-type rolling bottles, make sure the labels attached more firmly;
8.Labeling transparent label without bubble and wrinkle;

1.Label width: 20-150mm
2.Label length:20-100mm
3.Products Diameter:
Length: 40mm-280mm
Width: 40mm-200mm
Height: 0.2mm-2mm
4.Max Outside diameter of label roll: φ280mm
5.Inside diameter of label roll: φ76mm
6.Max Labeling speed: 200pcs /min
7.Accuracy of labeling:±1mm
8.Power: 220V/110V 50/60Hz 1200W
9.Air Pressure: 4- 6 bar or 0.4 -0.6 Mpa
10.Machine Net Weihgt : 350KG
11.Machine Dimension: 2200mm x 700mm x 1450 mm
12.Packing Size:276*106*167CM
13.Gross Weight:360KG

14: Feeder Parameter: Length:280mm  width:40-200mm(adjustable;height:60mm

Automatic Labeling Machine for Card

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