Flat Surface Automatic Labeling Machine For Multi Labels

  • Model Number: ALM-12300
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Product name:Flat Surface Automatic Labeling Machine For Multi Labels

Model Number: ALM-12300

Flat Surface Automatic Labeling Machine For Multi Labels
Labeling Speed:20-150PCS/min
Labeling Accurate:±1mm
Product scope:L*W*H:(40mm-400mm)*(40mm-300mm)*(40mm-95mm)
Label Logo Size:Width:20mm-150mm,Length:6mm-250mm
Machine Size:L*W*H:3000*950*1600mm

It is one of automatic plane labeling machine, be used to label on flat surface of products, can label several sticks one time, every labeling head can work separately. If change label cover mechanism, it also can be used on uneven surface. Can select to add ribbon printer to print product’s date and system number, realize integration of labeling and printing. Can select assembly line ink-jet coder for information printing before or after labeling.

Product Feature:
1.Multi function, labeling several label one time, simply processing, improve produce efficiency
2.Application flexible, every labeling head could be control separately, can label one piece or sever pieces to meet requirements.
3.Easy adjustment, set up a adjustable seat with X/Y/Z shaft, labeling head can be adjust omnibearing,to change be easy and fast.
4.Intelligent control,Automatic photoelectric tracing, no label for when product didn’t come, automatic correct, automatic testing, can avoid leaking and wasting.
5. Material Of Machine Cover Made in stainless steel and alloy aluminum,more strong,conformable with GMP requirement.

6. High stability,Panasonic PLC + KUNLUN TONGTAI Screen + Panasonic needle electronic eye + Leuze label testing electronic eye as the high grade electronic control, support equipment working at 7*24hours;

Flat Surface Automatic Labeling Machine For Multi Labels

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