4 Colors Automatic UV Silk Screen Printing Machine

  • 4 Colors Automatic UV Silk Screen Printing Machine
  • 4 Colors Automatic UV Silk Screen Printing Machine
  • 4 Colors Automatic UV Silk Screen Printing Machine
  • 4 Colors Automatic UV Silk Screen Printing Machine
  • Model Number: S-104M
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  • Category: Automatic Screen Printing Machine
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  • Product Description:Automatic sealant bottles UV silkscreen printing machine, Silicone sealant plastic bottles automatic UV screen printer, PET Bottles silkscreen printing machine, Automatic silkscreen printing machine o
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Product name:4 Colors Automatic UV Silk Screen Printing Machine

Model Number: S-104M

Mechanic 4 Colors Automatic UV Silk Screen Printing Machine
Latest upgraded mechanical driven automatic UV silk screen printing machine. Compare with
the traditional pneumatic driven automatic UV silk screen printing machine, the latest designed
mechanical driven automatic UV silk screen printing machine is with advantages as below:
1: Much Higher Working Capacity
2: Lower noise and perfect working stability because of the mechanical driven
3: High précised and perfect registering multi-color printing
4: Easy setting up for tooling change between oval, round and flat shape bottles and containers
5: Equipped with electronic control UV curing system to adjust the UV density ranges from 0-100%
6: LED curing system is optional
Machine Parameters:
1.Printing Speed: Round: 3500pcs / hr ;Oval 4000pcs / hr
2:Product size: Round bottles: φ100X280mm ;  Oval bottles: Width 25-100mm Length 25-280mm
3.Printing Size: φ100X260mm for round; 100X260mm for oval
4.Compressed Air: 0.6MPa
5.Lp Gas:0.15MPa
8.Power Unit:380V/3P 50Hz 22KW (220-240V,3Phrases, 60HZ optional)
9: Mercury UV lamp power rate: 5KW*4 sets
10.Machine Dimension:8300×1300×2100mm;unscrambler size; 2200*1300*1400mm (optional)
11.Packing Size:(2910*1980*2000CM)* 4 cases ( 40 feet container) Unscrambler size; 2650*1650*1550mm (optional)
12.Machine Net Weight: 4000KG; Unscrambler net weight: 450KG
13.Gross Weight:4300KG;Unscrambler Gross weight: 530KG
1:Cam-linkage mechanisms driving mode combined with PLC control system for effectively
guarantee working stability, reliability, and most efficiency.
2:Reliability: Main components from Rexroth, Schneider, SMC, Mitsubishi international brand.
The machine's hardware parts are made by CNC directly from CAD.
3: Machine Frame & structures made by high-intensity aluminum alloy and stainless steel.
4:With PLC control system, touch screen interface. Fast setup & quick tooling change over for
customer's easy operation and adjustment
5:Adopted with No-product- no print system, auto counter, safety alarm device.
6:Optional: Made based on the customer's special requirements. The round & oval bottles commonly used
devices, antistatic dust removing device, extra set flame treatment, UV/IR system, auto scrambler system,
offloading conveyor, offloading robot arm to have bottles stand up on the off conveyor belt and any other
customizations due to order.
7: Italy Style Electronic UV Curing System for mostly power rate saving, assuring the UV lamp’s longest life span,
adjustable UV identity from 20%-100%
8: LED Curing is available according to customer's request.
This machine is fitting on all those plastic PET, PP, HDPE, HLDP plastic bottles,  Glass bottles, sport metal bottles, plastic cups, tubes, silicone sealant tubes, cosmetic jars, and so on printing in single and multi-colors printing. It is fitting on all those shape different oval, round, cone, square, and triangle shape bottles. It greatly reduces the labor cost and the most efficient machine. It is with 3 functionals in one included two flamer treatment, screen printing, and UV curing (LED curing ) system. The production line is starting from unscrambler, conveyor belt, pick and place system, flame treatment, Anti-statistic dust remover, silkscreen printing, UV curing system and transfer to the second color unit machine, a third color, and 4 colors machine. Each printing station machine is included in screen printing and UV curing.

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