2 Color Tampografia with Conveyor

  • Model Number: L2-C
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  • Product Description:2 Color Tampografia with Conveyor

Product name:2 Color Tampografia with Conveyor

Model Number: L2-C

2 Color Tampografia with Conveyor
Two Color ink Tray Pad Printer With Conveyor
Parameter:1.Max. plate size : 150 X 250 mm ;
2.Max. worktable area : 160 X 200 mm ;
3.Max. printing area : 130×220mm ;
4.Max printing speed : 700pcs/hr ;
5.Printable colour :2;
6.Stroke of table shuttle: 200mm.
Microcomputer program controlling , Touch-screen operating technique ;
1.Streamline design ensure dexterous Appearance impressions;
2.Coin aluminium structure frame coated blue-sky colour paint;
3.Shuttle working table installed to get more precision overprint;
4.Independency pressure adjustment of pad press-printing and picking up ink;
5.Either testing or running mode to operate ;
6.Opened inkwell to store and coating ink , easily adjust the character of pad ink.
7.Automatism digital count function;
8.Double colours pad printing with drying through blowing hot air:
9.Ten grade printing speed setting, auto,semi-auto,testing operation mode setting;
10.The function of blade only move front to back for mixxing ink ;
11.Automatics balance blade to remove the ink completely;
12.“twice-picking, one printing” mode to get thick ink film;
13.Widen ink-tray installed to print more larger dimension.
14.Festo tubes, SMC Cylinder, Omron electromagnetic valve,Casting Structure for assuring machine's most working stability and longest life span.
Machine Fittings:
1. Two plates,
2. Two pads
3. Two blades
4. A tool box.
1. Package dimension:1130×710×1610mm
2. Gross weight: 275kg
Ship Date:By sea:
Ship on aboard within 20 days after receive T/T .
1. 110V or 220V power supply.
2. 5-7 bar compress air.
3. Etching plate 2 pcs.
4. Fixture 1pcs.

5. 5-10 pcs product samples

2 Color Tampografia with Conveyor

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