Turkey Customer Visit LC Printing Machine Factory Limited

Dated on 12th, Sep.2023, Mr. Metedir from Turkey place a visited to our factory for coming and discussing the automatic silkscreen printing machine for perfume bottles silkscreen printing and hot stamping. Mr. Metedir is having the 2 sets of semi automatic hot stamping machine and 4 sets of semi auto silkscreen printing machines. Now he is coming for the CNC fully automatic screen printing machine and hot stamping machines. After showing the CNC automatic screen hot stamping machine on the perfume bottles printing, Mr. Metedir decides to place the order the CNC 2 colors LED automatic screen hot stamping machines from us. During the visit, we are showing the good LED UV ink on the both paint and transparent glass bottles silkscreen printing and hot stamping and getting the very good satisfaction from him not only for the transparent LED UV ink with perfect adhesives but also for the UV hot stamping adhesives on the glass bottles.  We are supplying the very perfect LED UV ink for transparent glass bottles but also for very perfect LED UV foiling glue and foil for the glass bottles.

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