Two colors automatic UV silkscreen printing machines order from REPUBLICA DOMINICANA customer

Dated on 2nd,Sep.2020, good friendship customer from REPUBLICA DOMINICANA placing the third order
of 2 colors plastic bottles automatic UV silkscreen printing machines from us. In the year of May, 2019,
customer place the first order for one set of semi automatic screen printer for different size of bottles
printing and one set of bucket silkscreen printing machine as well as one set of IR heating tunnel for
plastic buckets with solvent ink printing. End of same year, customer continual of placing a news order
with flame treatment machine to pre-treatment the PP materials bottles and bucket before printing to
increase the ink adhension. Thought in the hard period time because of 2019 Covid Virus, customer is
still confident of choosing our machines to start the automatic printing line in 2 colors printing plus with
the automatic scrambler feeding system for automatically printing all different size of plastic bottles in
single and multi colors printing. We are very much confident that the business will become more and
more stronger.

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