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  • Model Number: UV Meter
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  • Product Description:UV meter for UV lamp UVA UVB UVC UVV

Product name:UV Meter

Model Number: UV Meter

UV meter for UV lamp UVA UVB UVC UVV
1.application: measure UV LED out put uv power
2.spectrum: 340nm --- 420 nm ,
3.UV intensity range: 0 --- 20000 mW/cm2
4.minimum division value: 1 mW/cm2
5.UV power range: 0--- 999999mJ/cm2
6.accuracy:  ± 5%
7.temperature range: -55°C--- +125°C
8.sample speed: 2048/s
9.UV power storage interval: 256/s
10. temperature storage interval: 16/s
11.record period: 240s
12.power supplier: 2 pcs AAA dry battery
13.LCD: 240*160 LCD
14.dimension:diameter 120mm * thickness13 mm
15.weight: 327 g
1.It is the real smart UV energy meter with a large LCD to display the temperature and irradiance curve directly.
2. It is equipped with a USB port, and the computer software can read the record data, drawing curves and print out testing reports.
3. It has a high precision fast response temperature sensor and can measure the real temperature in the curing machine dynamically.
4. It has a built-in heat resisting sheet, can resist high temperature and operate at 100oC for long time.
5. A built-in large memory and can record irradiance data up to 60,000 and temperature data up to 3800.
6. The stored data will not be lost when the the power is off and the last testing data will be displayed automatically when power is on; the test data can only be deleted manually.

7. It is with high accuracy, and has passed many tests of authoritative testing organizations and got certificates.

UV meter for UV lamp UVA UVB UVC UVVUV meter for UV lamp UVA UVB UVC UVVUV meter for UV lamp UVA UVB UVC UVV

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