Large Pressure Hydraulic Hot stamping machines

  • Model Number: TCH-500-40T
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  • Category: Hot Stamping Machine
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  • Product Description:Hydraulic Hot Stamping Machine, Large size hot stamping machine, large pressure embossing foiling machine, Large pressure debossing hot stamping machine, large size gilding hot stamping machine
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Product name:Large Pressure Hydraulic Hot stamping machines

Model Number: TCH-500-40T

Large Pressure Embossing and Hot Stamping Machine
Product parameters:
Quality / Safety Certification: ISO9001-2000
Technical parameters:
Model: H-TCH-500-40T
1. Power Supply: 220 V, 50 Hz

2. Max.Hot Stamping Size: 400 *500mm

3. Table size: 600 *490mm

4. Head stroke:60mm

5: Table up and down stroke:200 mm

6: maximum stamping speed: 1200pcs / h

7: heating power: 6kW (6 heating tubes * 1000W / piece)

Machine total power rate: 3kw

8 Hydraulic output: 12MPa

9 stamping pressure: 40t (T)

10 temperature range, room temperature - 399 ° C

11 hydraulic capacity:80L

12 roll foil motor power: 60W

13 weight:600kg

14 overall dimension: 850 * 800 *1600mm0.6 * 0.8 *0.7m

15 Machine Packing size: 1100*1100*1900mm

Hydraulic Pump packing size: 700 * 800 *900mm

1. Electrical control, simple operation.
2. Hydraulic power, pressure, balance constantly.
3. Toggle mechanism design and high efficiency.
4. Working table stroke adjustable, convenient of stamping parts in different heights.
5. Stamping pressure, temperature and speed adjustable.
6. Automatic feeder, foil collecting adjustable.

Product Description:
Widely used in paper hot stamping, cardboard debossing hot stamping, leather embossing and hot stamping, plastic hot stamping machine, PVC sheet stamping machine, wood and other materials flat stamping, embossing, baked pasted and so on.
Hydraulic Hot Stamping Machine on Plastic Beverage Crates
Hydraulic Hot stamping machine enjoys more pressure for assure the machine's perfect stability during the operation and it is ideal for those larger printing size and embossing quailty.

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