Hot Glue Labeling Machine

  • Model Number: LM-42300
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Product name:Hot Glue Labeling Machine

Model Number: LM-42300

Hot Melt Labeling Machine
For labeling round bottles of food & beverages (soda, mineral water, dairy products, juice, edible oil, seasoning, aerosolspray-can etc.), cleansers and detergents, and industrial products.
1, the replacement bottle and labeling is particularly simple, do not change any parts, five minutes to complete. Through a simple one-button setup, making the equipment easy to achieve full glue and glue to switch between the two ends (label can be the entire surface coating can also choose to take only the mouth gummed label, saving glue costs).
2, the operator simply label batches into standard libraries, photoelectric detection, to take label, gluing, labeling within one second by the machine automatically.
3, built-in automatic temperature control device, so that the glue remains constant. SCR automatic voltage regulator, so that the glue temperature more accurately and save electricity by 50%.
4, the film thickness is 0.05MM-0.15MM can be adjusted between. Precise adjustment mechanism is conducive to saving hot melt glue usage.
5, the improved three-roll into a round labeling, labels more closely attached to the tank, labeling more beautiful smooth, soft even large diameter thin-walled tank can also be good for continuous labeling.
6, the vacuum suction cups at each front labels when labeling standard paper for the second pre-standard, to ensure there are no double cards.

Technical parameters
Model LM-42300
Labeling speed: 18-23 bottles / min
Bottle diameter: Φ30-Φ160mm
Applicable Label height: 80-350mm
Labeling accuracy: ± 1mm
Power supply voltage: 220V 50Hz
Total power: 2.3KW

Weight: 260KG

Hot Glue Labeling Machine

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