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Product name:Fusing Foil

Model Number: FF-Fusing Foil

Fusing Foil
Size: A4/200*290 mm
Color:Gold and  Sliver
How To Use:
Hot stamping paper covered face up on the laser printer printed letters, encapsulation machine heat up to 140-170 °
(encapsulation type according to different temperature would be different), through the encapsulation machine can form a glittering
bronzing words or patterns. Simple to use!
Must be laser printing or photocopying text pattern can be used,
Main application: mainly for the invitation CARDS, business CARDS, desk calendar, certificates, such as hot stamping.
Hot stamping business card steps:
Hot stamping technology - "business card/card"
1.Good layout business card, and do require hot stamping parts of the file color is black (better effect when the hot stamping).
Note: the interval of stamping parts and don't need hot stamping parts need a bit bigger, there must be at least 3 mm blank space,
too close will be very hot into the part should not be very hot!
2.Layout, with a laser printer to print out (must use laser printing machine)
3.Cutting the finished product: cutting machine can choose: manual cutting machine, electric cutting machine, automatic cutting
machine, etc., according to their own needs to choose cut card machine
4.Open the encapsulation machine: temperature regulation to: 170 degrees (different encapsulation machine performance is
different to adjust)
Note: the temperature too high too low laminate and the effect is not good, must adjust to the appropriate temperature, hot effect
is the best. Temperature is too high, can make the hot stamping glue the stars around the gold powder particles; The temperature is
too low, there will be a black dot.
5.choose hot stamping paper: cutting into hot stamping parts size
Note: this tipping paper not electrochemical aluminum bronzing paper!

6.Good cutting tipping paper covering the need to hot stamping parts, and then a model again, after can remove the tipping paper, thus finished hot stamping.

Fusing Foil

Fusing Foil

Fusing Foil

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